The American Election, Moving On, and Hillary Clinton’s Purple Suit

It has been a difficult week to be a liberal/progressive in the United States. I think it’s also been a difficult week to be a person of color, a woman, an immigrant, a person with a disability, or a person who is part of the LGBTQA+ community. It’s been a difficult week in the United States. When it comes to this blog, I’ve been spending a lot of time debating whether or not to post this week and wondering what I would say when I did decide to post. How could I post street style photos of the outfits that I brought with me to a professional conference in Dallas while people outside the window of my hotel room were marching in the streets in protest? Then I read this article by Stephanie Saltzman about being a beauty editor at Fashionista in the wake of the election results.

How to Make Money Consigning Your Clothes

You know when you go into a consignment store or a thrift shop and it seems like everything is everywhere, it’s a tiny space that contains too much stuff, and there’s no room to move around or discernible organizational scheme to help you find what you’re interested in? A Passion for Fashion is the cure to those problems. Don’t get me wrong, they have a ton of clothes, shoes, bags, and jewelry, but I don’t immediately feel like I’m inside a disorganized person’s chaotic brain when I walk through the door. Everything is sorted and displayed nicely, and there’s enough room to walk around the shop that if there are a bunch of other people in the store at the same time as you, you don’t end up squished and stressed out.

New York City, October 2016

You saw what I packed, and you saw what my friend wore all weekend, so now it’s time to see New York! Unfortunately, I don’t have great photos of every outfit that I wore, so you’ll just have to trust me that I looked cute most of the time. I’ve randomly seen a lot of articles lately about how fashion bloggers’ boyfriends are the ones who end up taking all of their photos, but what’s a single girl to do? Looks like it’s time to invest in a profile….or maybe just a tripod. Anyway, here’s New York!

7 last-minute costumes for people who are bad at Halloween

Halloween is in ten days. Which means next weekend is the weekend of costume parties. Some of you might even be going to costume parties tonight or tomorrow night. If that’s the case, and you came to this blog for salvation, you need to get it together. But also, I totally get it, just skip to the end of the post. If you have a week to prepare, and you’re starting to panic, I’m here for you. Here are 7 last-minute costume suggestions:

There’s nothing like autumn in the country

I always love Massachusetts, but there’s honestly no time of year that I love it more than I do in the fall. This weekend I went to visit a friend who lives in rural western Massachusetts. On a normal visit, we spend most of the time eating Taco Bell and rewatching the One Direction movie, but this past weekend we decided to actually leave the house and enjoy the quaintness of New England in autumn.

How I class things up with expensive accessories that I bought on sale

If you’re aspiring toward a high end look but you don’t have the funds to shop high end for everything, then I would suggest splurging on your accessories. I can’t afford to buy designer clothes. I can afford to buy designer accessories. You know, if I buy them on sale.

Columbus Day Cultural Appropriation

In honor of Columbus Day (unfortunately Massachusetts still hasn’t changed it to Indigenous People’s Day) I decided to do a quick post on cultural appropriation. As a white person, I think it’s really important for me to be using any influence I have to bring attention to this and other racial issues, but I’m definitely not the best person to actually speak on the topic, so let’s start by hearing what Amandla Stenberg had to say about it: