All of the things that I would buy from Kate Spade if I had an employee discount

Not to humblebrag or whatever, but last week I had to turn down a job interview at Kate Spade New York because the store I applied to doesn’t hire people full-time. However, I didn’t learn about the full-time thing until after I had already researched the employee discount on GlassDoor. Apparently (and definitely don’t correct me if I’m wrong), employees get a 75% discount in Kate Spade stores. So, to mourn my loss and to celebrate the fact that Kate Spade is doing a surprise 75% off sale today, here are all of the things I would buy from Kate Spade if I had an employee discount.

Lewis Way Large Pom Marketa – $74.50 (originally $298)


I actually really want this bag. I’ll be keeping an eye on it in the coming weeks, hoping it goes on sale. I like the idea of taking it to the beach or as a personal item on a plane. I’m a sucker for KSNY stuff with idioms and slogans.

Pink Glass Water Bottle – $7.50 (originally $30)


So I’m a basic bitch who loves tumblr pink. Or millennial pink. Or whatever you want to call it. At least I’ll be hydrated! Plus it would only cost me $7.50.

Out To Lunch Tote – $7.50  (originally $30)


I definitely don’t need a lunch box, but this is so cute, and it would only cost $7.50 if I had an employee discount. I would totally use it to bring my lunch to my new job at Kate Spade.

Haring Lane Kenna Yoga Bag – $74.50  (originally $298)


I actually really want this bag too. I don’t go to yoga classes, but I do (allegedly) go to the gym, and so far I haven’t committed enough to buy a gym bag. I also shower at the gym, so I could see myself tucking my folded towel right under that bow where the yoga mat goes.

Wedding Belles Charla – $49.50  (originally $198)


This clutch perfectly matches the little cardholder that I got on sale in November! Also, my friend is getting married this summer, and I was thinking about wearing rose gold accessories.

The Perfect Pair Shoe Bag – $4.50  (originally $18)


This is so dumb, but I love travel accessories. I’ve actually been eyeing this shoe bag for a while already. If it only cost $4.50, I would probably buy more than one.

Quill Pillow -$27.25  (originally $109)


Y’all might remember that I had last year’s daily planner, which featured this title on the cover. Obviously I can’t use it anymore now that 2016 has ended, but I loved the title. I probably wouldn’t pay $109 for a throw pillow on my current salary, but I probably would pay $27.25.
But alas, I dream. I guess the takeaway from today’s post is that the best way to steal fashion from the rich is to work for your favorite brand and then spend all of your paycheck buying their stuff. Who says I give bad advice?





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