The best winter accessories to keep you warm and fashionable at the same time

It’s the second snowy Monday in a row for Boston, so I thought I’d follow up last week’s winter coat post with a roundup of some cute accessories to keep you warm this winter.

I love the color scheme in these gloves. They’re vintage-inspired but smartphone friendly, so they’re really the best of past and present.

I love the mix of different fabrics with these gloves. I could picture myself wearing them with a plain black peacoat or with my tan trenchcoat — and red lipstick, of course.

I still love fringe. These fringe leather gloves are a little bit out there, but I think they’re classic enough to fall on the fun side of the crazy fence rather than the tacky side. They are a bit pricey, but I could easily see myself snatching them up when they go on sale.

This oversized scarf looks warm and charming. I think its pattern and brighter colors make it a great addition to a plain jacket to add a little bit of interest to your outerwear. These two colors are my favorite, but this scarf also comes in three more colors on the ModCloth website.

This scarf is on the plainer side, but I love the way that colorblocked scarves have different patterns depending on the way that you wrap them. Plus a nice neutral scarf is good if you have a brighter coat.

Give. Me. This. Scarf. Again, a little pricey for a scarf, but I absolutely love this constellation pattern (obviously), and I especially like that this scarf is made of wool — a lot of times it seems like scarves with really fun detailed patterns are just fashion scarves that don’t actually keep you warm. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this one, waiting for a sale.

I mostly just included this beanie because I have a thing for wool with speckles in it, but I also like that it’s a neutral color that will go with almost any coat, and it’s made by  Herschel Supply Co., so you know it’s high quality and it’ll keep you warm.

I’m so glad the Beyoncé decided to grace us with a clothing line. This is just a plain black Ivy Park beanie to go with your metallic silver puffer jacket from last week.

I just keep picturing this hat with a red coat and red lipstick. Please buy it and send me photos of you in this outfit so that I can stop the obsessive thought circle.

Finally, I wanted to include a little bonus accessory for anyone out there with bangs. I had bangs for years, and it was always a huge bummer in the winter because most hats would push my bangs into my eyes, so I couldn’t wear them. The solution, fringed friends, is earmuffs. I love the color of these nude pink ones, and they definitely seem big enough to keep your ears warm.


That’s all I have for you today! Stay warm, and don’t forget to tweet me photos if you end up buying any of these accessories!





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