10 Winter Coats under $300

Today’s post was going to be about tonight’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but since the show taped in Paris last week, it seems like it’s been pretty much written to death. So I decided to take inspiration from today’s snow (first snow of the year in Boston!) and find you guys some cute and affordable winter coats instead.

1. Vintage-inspired and embroidered 

I love how different this coat is. I also love the detachable fur collar — it looks great on, but it would be nice to have the option to accessorize however you want if you’re feeling something different.

2. Ombre wool-blend

3. Waterproof puffer coat

This is the kind of coat that’ll actually get you through a snowy winter. And I love this color!

4. Fur-lined army jacket

I love this one because it feels like a good option for someone (like me!) who needs something more waterproof than wool but doesn’t really like to look of a puffer. I really like this color, and I love coats with huge pockets.

5. On-trend leopard print

This H! by Henry Holland coat fits right in this season. Leopard print is having a huge moment; it’s like every model has worn a leopard print coat in the past month. I’m not usually big on animal print, but I actually love this. Plus, leopard print is a fun way to wear neutrals.

6. Bold green velvet

As you’ve probably noticed, velvet is a big deal this fall/winter. I love this color, and I really like the velvet trend, so this coat seems like an obvious choice. It’s definitely a statement, but I also like that it’s not too wild or loud.

7. Sequins AND feathers

Speaking of wild and loud…I’m actually obsessed with this. I’m not sure if I’m outgoing enough to wear it — this kind of jacket definitely encourages people to talk to you, doesn’t it? But I want everyone else to buy it. Seriously, get it and tweet me photos of you living your best life in it.

8.  If Beyoncé was an astronaut

Ivy Park makes me want to work out. Like I said before, I don’t normally go for puffer coats, but I’ve been feeling very drawn to metallics lately, and this has the Beyoncé blessing, so how could I not like it?

9. The English Literature professor

This Theory overcoat just gives me older British man vibes. In a good way. I want to put it on with a dash of cologne and lecture a university course about literature.

10. Classic peacoat

And finally, if you just need an inexpensive and attractive coat that doesn’t have sequins or detachable fur (my condolences if that’s the case) then I present a classic black peacoat, which also comes in other colors if black isn’t your thing.

Bonus: The one that I want desperately

I’m in love with this coat. I’ve seen it in the Banana Republic windows on the mannequins, and I always just press my nose against the window and moan. It’s a little pricey for me considering I don’t actually need a new winter coat, but I’ll be watching the website and the BR emails for a sale.

All of these websites have a ton of cute coats, but these were some of my favorites. If you end up getting any of them, tweet me or comment below to let me know how it works out!






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