How to save money on designer stuff with Poshmark

Hi friends! You guys probably already know this, but Poshmark is so cool. (Side note — if you did already know this, why didn’t you tell me?) Apparently I made a Poshmark account a while back, but I never used it. I just rediscovered it the other day while I was trying to find a bridesmaid dress for my friend’s wedding this summer. I was on the website, but I was on my phone, so I downloaded the app and started messing with it, and now I’m obsessed. People are selling their secondhand (sometimes new!) designer stuff for reduced prices, and you can haggle on the price without having to look someone in the eye when you do it! It’s a dream.

This is what the app looks like:

It has all of these different search options. I think some of the stuff at the top might be chosen based on my previous search activity, but I’m not sure. I searched “pink sequin dress” and “teal dress” and other random stuff to look for New Year’s Eve and bridesmaid outfits, but I’ve been having the most fun searching by brand so that I can weed out the high-end stuff.

This is what it looks like when you search for different brands:

You can search for the brand, and it will bring up all of the items that are associated with that brand, and then you can search within that search for something like “coat” or “shoes” to find specific items within that brand.


They’re not my size. Someone give them a good home please. Also, as I mentioned above, you can either click “Buy Now” to buy them outright, or you can click “Offer” to put in an offer on them, which means that you can haggle and get them for even cheaper than the listing price. Haggling in person always feels really stressful, but I think doing it online is just impersonal enough to work for me.

One tricky thing about searching by brand is that human error definitely factors in — this Red Valentino dress (among others) popped up when I searched Valentino. I think with more expensive brands, you’re probably more likely to end up getting results that are actually the slightly more affordable sister brand, like Red Valentino or Versus Versace, than the actual brand. But that doesn’t bother me; I’m down with sister brands.


A couple of things seem important to me if I’m going to buy designer stuff from Poshmark:

One is that I don’t always know what an item would have cost at full price or what it would be worth now that it’s out of season, so I think if I found something that I really liked, I would probably do a little research to try to confirm that I’m getting a good deal.

The second is that I’m buying it from a stranger on the internet, so what if it’s not authentic? Ignoring the complicated feelings that I have about disrespecting a designer’s creativity and ownership over their ideas, I love a good knockoff as much as the next person. But if I think I’m getting a pre-owned designer purse, it better not be a bag from Target with the Gucci symbol painted on with white nail polish, you know?

I checked out the Poshmark refund policy, and I’d say my official rating is “Good, Not Great.” They don’t allow returns if something doesn’t fit or you change your mind, which is a little frustrating because buying clothes that you can’t try on can be really tough unless you’re familiar with how a particular brand’s clothing fits your body. However, they do give you a full refund if the item was misrepresented in the listing (undisclosed damage, different from the description, or not authentic). As you can see below, Poshmark doesn’t pay the seller for the item until you’ve received it and confirmed that it matches the listing.

One thing that I really like about the listings is that some people will model their clothing for you so that you can see what it looks like on a person:

Of course, not everyone photographs their clothing this way, but I think it’s an excellent shopping tool. Then sometimes people will put their body measurements in the description, or you can comment on the listing and ask them, so that you can imagine what it will look like on your body.

Another cool feature for me is the ability to “Like” stuff and have it all saved in one place for later. There are about a dozen teal potential bridesmaid dresses in my likes that I can revisit when the wedding gets a little closer and I’m ready to buy something. And they have a section in your likes for items that have dropped in price, which is sweet. You can also set up your account so that you receive notifications when things you’ve liked drop in price.



This isn’t a sponsored post or anything; I’m just really excited about Poshmark, and I’m here to help you save money on nice things. HOWEVER, if you don’t have an account yet and you sign up with my code (GZNNE), you’ll get $5 off your first order!





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