Thrift Store Thieves (but with snacks and sangria)

It’s time for another edition of Thrift Store Thieves!

If you caught the post that I wrote about consigning clothes, you know that my friend’s mum, Trish, owns an awesome consignment store called A Passion For Fashion. Trish organized a “Sip, Snack, and Shop” event. She partnered with Tastefully Simple, LuLaRose, and Rodan & Fields for an event at her shop with snacks, sales, and sangria. It was so much fun; here’s how it went down:

The event happened after the store closed for the night. The other vendors all had tables set up with some of their products on display, and the whole front room of the shop was full of snacks. It was such a dream. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how many people would actually show up because I’ve never been to an event like this before, but the store was packed!

Everything in the shop was 20% off, and then there were the usual 25% and 50% off sales depending on the tag colors. I probably should’ve helped Trish and Liz hostess, but I mostly just shopped and helped other people shop instead.

I’m obsessed with this vest. I didn’t buy it because I never wear puffy vests, but I love how coppery and metallic it is. I actually talked about it so much that someone else bought it. I’m just glad she went to a good home.

Liz said that this sweater was plain, which obviously means that I love it because I’m secretly so boring. It’s really soft, and I like that the v-neck is so low. I think I’m going to wear this tomorrow with this rose gold sequined bralette that I have.

I snatched up this camel and black waffle knit sweater too. It fits right in with my neutral wardrobe. It’s a little bit short-waisted, but I think I can make it work with a black button up underneath.

Liz was my photographer for the evening, and I’m really glad she got a photo of herself as well because she looked cool af. She got this jacket at the store, and I love the leather sleeves so much.

I spent a lot of time wiggling around the store as I tried stuff on because I was already wearing two layers of long sleeves. Also, a whole wall of the store is floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which makes it so much easier to try on jackets and stuff without having to go to the fitting room. Plus, Trish always writes the sales on the mirror in marker, which I love because everything is always on sale and I can never keep track of how much money things will actually cost.

This is a terrible photo (the coat is actually pink), but this coat looks so Rory Gilmore. It didn’t fit me — someone please go buy it so that it can live its best life.

Liz hated these boots, but I love them so much. Unfortunately, they were too narrow for me. I might’ve convinced someone else at the event to buy them; I can’t remember. If I didn’t, someone else needs to adopt them asap.

And finally, my new yellow coat. Right as we were about to leave, Liz turned to me and said, “There’s this bright yellow coat here. I don’t know why because I’m not even sure if it’s cute, but I love it so much. Wanna see it?” I practically snatched it out of her hands when she pulled it off the rack so that I could try it on. I was so excited — I don’t usually like really bright clothes, but this coat is like sunshine. Of course I bought it.


You might remember that I ended my last Thrift Store Thieves post with a call for submissions. In honor of all of my great finds A Passion for Fashion, I want to feature a Polo sweater that Liz got at P4F a few months ago:

If you want to brag about your thrift store thievery, email me photos at or tweet them to me!






PS. This is the bag that I told you about from the last time I was at P4F:


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