Packing for a weekend in New York

On Wednesday afternoon, I’m leaving for four days in New York City. Some of my friends are going to a conference in Manhattan, and my friend and I are going to tag along and hang out at the Met while they all work. So here’s a preview of what next week’s “My weekend in New York City” post will look like!

We’re taking a bus to New York, so I’m taking this 24″ Diane von Furstenberg suitcase that I got for 60% off a few months ago. It’s small enough to fit within the bus company’s baggage limit, and it’ll probably get scratched up in the undercarriage of the bus, but I’m still excited to finally have an excuse to use it.

The first thing that I packed was this black mock neck dress. It’s not very warm, so I’ll probably end up wearing my trench coat over it, but it’s really cute and comfortable, and one dress is a full outfit, which makes packing a lot easier.

Next, I packed this cream-colored mock neck sweater. Apparently it’s going to be a mock neck weekend. I love this sweater because it’s really loose-fitting and long, so it’s cute, but it’s also really comfortable.

Following the long, loose-fitting sweater theme, I packed this crewneck sweater that has a giant face on it. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on this sweater, especially from older ladies, which always surprises me because I thought other people would think it was creepy. But I like it, and apparently the people like it, so it’s time to New York to like it too.

Next I threw in some black denim, which will go with both of the sweaters that I’m bringing. These are my favorite black jeans, which are from Forever 21 and therefore have a broken zipper. I might swap them out for my higher-quality Levis, but for some reason I really like these ones better, so I might risk a zipper disaster and bring these anyway. The sweaters are long enough to cover the zipper anyway, right?

Add two t-shirts (shout out to SuperFruit for that Scomiche t!) and two pairs of leggings for pajamas…

…and a crewneck sweatshirt in case the AirBnb gets cold.

And then I finished off the clothing piles with that long-sleeved v-neck that I wore last weekend in western Mass, which I’m going to wear on the bus ride home because it’s really comfortable.

Fill in the gaps with tights, socks, underwear, bras, and a black cami just in case…

…and top it off with some red Hunter boots! It’s supposed to rain on Thursday, so I made sure that I left room for these babies.

I filled the zippered top of the suitcase with toiletries, an umbrella, a pair of black ankle boots (I’m going to wear black flats on the bus ride there, so I’ll have both heels and flats to choose from) and a small blanket in case the AirBnb doesn’t have enough for four of us.

And that’s that!

I’m also going to bring this canvas tote bag so that I can have some essentials with me on the bus while my suitcase is sliding around in the bottom of the bus. Plus it’s cute! It says, “Sul Mare”, which apparently means “on/by the sea” in Italian. I say apparently because I don’t speak Italian. Please don’t tell me if it doesn’t really say that; just keep that truth to yourself.

So the tote bag will have my computer, my camera, my planner, my wallet, and all of my chargers in it. It’ll probably also hold some snacks and the October edition of Vogue, which I still haven’t read.

I find it really easy to overpack, so whenever I’m packing for a weekend away, there are a couple of things that I do to keep myself honest:

  1. I always try on all of the outfits that I’m bringing before I pack them. It sounds tedious, but the main reason why I end up overpacking is that I’m worried that I won’t feel cute in the first outfits that I picked out, so I end up bringing a million extra outfits just in case, and then I don’t end up wearing them. Trying everything on before I pack it means that I’m sure it’s cute and I don’t need to bring back ups.
  2. I try to bring one pair of pants and then just bring tops to match. This usually means that all of my outfits for the weekend match each other (i.e. they’re all black), which also means that I don’t usually have to worry about bringing a ton of shoes because one pair of shoes goes with everything. I’m bringing more shoes than I normally would this time around because I’m bringing rain boots, but I could conceivably bring one pair of black shoes if I was low on space.


And that’s everything! Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates throughout the weekend! I’m still going to try to post something on Friday because I just can’t stay away from you guys, so keep an eye out for that. And, most importantly, keep your fingers crossed that we win the Hamilton lottery, which we’ll be entering every day.





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