7 last-minute costumes for people who are bad at Halloween

Halloween is in ten days. Which means next weekend is the weekend of costume parties. Some of you might even be going to costume parties tonight or tomorrow night. If that’s the case, and you came to this blog for salvation, you need to get it together. But also, I totally get it, just skip to the end of the post. If you have a week to prepare, and you’re starting to panic, I’m here for you. Here are 7 last-minute costume suggestions:

Cruella de Vil

Throw on a black dress, the wig, and the coat, and you’re ready to go! I might cheat a bit and get the grey or beige coat because I’d be more likely to rewear either of those over the white one. Bonus points for the gloves and cigarette holder.

Wednesday Addams 
This one just requires the dress and some braids. If you don’t have long hair, you probably have to go for the wig too. But depending on your personal style, the dress is totally rewearable, which is always a nice perk.

Rosie the Riveter

Grab your denim shirt and a red bandana. Technically I think she’s wearing a blue jumpsuit, but no one will fault you for that inaccuracy. Plus, at this point you’re too desperate to be that picky.

Bob’s Burgers

Any of these characters make great easy costumes, and they can all stand alone or work as a group costume if your friends are as unprepared as you are. Personally, I would go for the Louise Belcher dress and hat because it’s easier to get away with not having dark hair or a wig, and Louise is my favorite. I might actually follow my own advice and buy these…

T.J. Detweiler and the Recess Gang

T.J. Detweiler was the coolest. I feel like Recess is a throwback that people would get excited about, especially since this isn’t a costume that I’ve seen people do before. This is another one that could work as an individual costume or a group costume if your friends are still scrambling. Plus, the green bomber jacket will be great in the spring.

Arthur Read & Friends

ANOTHER group idea for all of your friends. Personally, I would go as Arthur or D.W. (especially if you’re not using this as a group costume), but any of these characters would be easy to imitate. Animal ears would also help to drive the point home.

Doug Funnie

Doug is actually the key to the last-minute costume cipher: cartoon characters pretty much always wear the same outfits, which makes them extremely recognizable costumes, and their outfits are often pretty simplistic, which makes them easier to track down at the last minute. So if none of these costumes speak to you, think about cartoon characters that you like, and go from there. You’re welcome.

Bonus: If all else fails, watch some make-up tutorials

This last video is seriously the best. And she’s adorable. If she can’t help you, I definitely can’t.


Good luck guys! And don’t forget: it’s better to show up without a costume at all than to show up looking racist and dumb. Happy Halloween!






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