There’s nothing like autumn in the country

I always love Massachusetts, but there’s honestly no time of year that I love it more than I do in the fall. This weekend I went to visit a friend who lives in rural western Massachusetts. On a normal visit, we spend most of the time eating Taco Bell and rewatching the One Direction movie, but this past weekend we decided to actually leave the house and enjoy the quaintness of New England in autumn.

On Saturday we went to the Montague Bookmill, which is a former mill where they would grind grain into flour in the 1800s. Now it’s a locally-owned used book store with a café, restaurant, art gallery, and music store. The book store and the café were the only parts that were open when we were there, but we were there for books anyway, so it worked out perfectly. It’s a seriously charming place, like something out of Stars Hollow, with slightly disorganized shelves, mismatched furniture, creaky wooden floors, and that beautiful old book smell. I also bagged this enormous book on the history of Valentino‘s designs, so it was a hugely fruitful trip.

The drive out to the Bookmill was just nonstop foliage porn. New England is ablaze with autumnal colors. Strangely, it made me miss my red hair. Fall makes me want to decorate myself with fire hues.

Inspired by the trees, my friend suggested that we go to the Quabbin Reservoir on Sunday, figuring that the leaves there would be a bonfire by now. Unfortunately, the trees at Quabbin prefer a slow burn to a fast flame, so a lot of the foliage there was still stubbornly green, but we still had fun taking photos of each other and walking around.

I practically live in this trench coat in the fall and the spring. I have a couple of other light coats that I swap in sometimes, but since I got this trench last year I’ve worn it nonstop. I get a lot of compliments on it, and it definitely creates the illusion of stylishness when the rest of your outfit isn’t really on point — my mum once told me I looked really nice when I was wearing this coat over a sweatshirt and leggings. I didn’t actually look nice, but this coat is like a sartorial mirage.

I was also wearing distressed — “shredded” is probably more accurate at this point — boyfriend jeans, a loose-fitting black long-sleeved v-neck, and a black high-neck lace bralette. I’m very into bralettes lately; they’re a great option for those of us who feel a little too top heavy to go braless. (Side note: if you feel comfortable enough to go braless, you should do it. No matter what size you are. I’m just not there yet.)

My friend was wearing dark skinny jeans, a forest green long sleeve t-shirt, and her new black puffy vest, which she’s obsessed with and wears every day. She finished her outfit off with leopard flats, which are always a fun way to wear neutrals.

She complains about how her wardrobe is boring, but I thought her outfit was simple and stylish.
So that’s a small taste of our cliché New England weekend! Tweet me pictures of the trees where you are to get me through the terrible burst of warm weather we’re having this week. See you on Friday!





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