How I class things up with expensive accessories that I bought on sale

If you’re aspiring toward a high end look but you don’t have the funds to shop high end for everything, then I would suggest splurging on your accessories. I can’t afford to buy designer clothes. I can afford to buy designer accessories. You know, if I buy them on sale.

I wear glasses every day. When it’s sunny, I wear prescription sunglasses. Glasses can be pretty expensive on their own, so buying more expensive frames might not always be an option for everyone. But because I have to wear my glasses every day, I wanted something high quality, and I didn’t want to compromise on how I wanted the frames to look. So I saved up some money and waited for the timely combination of a sale and a coupon, and I went for it.

I bought these glasses first, I waited about a year and a half, until I effectively forgot how much money I dropped on the glasses and also until there was another timely combination of a sale and a coupon, and then I bought the sunglasses.

I have a deep love for Kate Spade New York accessories, and Kate Spade has a deep love for selling me things at 75% off. I like that Kate Spade accessories are bright and fun without being too busy or flashy. I like that they’re colorful and decorative but they’re still minimal. I like plain stuff, so it’s nice to be able to buy joyful accessories that don’t feel like they’re screaming at you.

This is my rose gold phone case. It’s new, and I’m obsessed with it. It doesn’t photograph very well, but it’s very pretty. I was excited to find something rose gold because I just got the rose gold iPhone 6, and having a matching case means I still get to enjoy the color even though the phone is covered up. Also, it was 75% off on the Kate Spade New York website.

I bought this wallet full price. It was a lot of money, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend that tactic for a fellow baller on a budget. I found it, fell in love with it, and proceeded to haunt the Kate Spade website, Nordstrom website, and Amazon listings so that I could pounce when it went on sale. Then Nordstrom sold out of it. Then Amazon sold out. I started to get desperate; I tried every expired promo code that RetailMeNot had to offer, but nothing worked. I had already cultivated an unhealthy obsession with this wallet (I know, I’m vapid and materialistic) and I was really worried that Kate Spade was going to sell out too. So I impulsively bought it at full price. Fortunately, it’s timeless and it goes with everything, so I’ve had it for over a year and have no plans to replace it any time soon. Most of the time I don’t even carry a purse because I like accessorizing with this wallet more than any of the purses that I own. Also, if I remember correctly, it did end up selling out before it could make it to the clearance section, so I might have been impulsive but I was also right.

I (probably) have a subclinical anxiety disorder, so I really like planners. Writing lists and organizing my tasks in a planner gives me the illusion that my life isn’t a total mess. Just let me live in this fantasy.

This is my work planner. I got it as a Christmas gift from my parents, who got it on sale online. It started out as my only planner, and I would write all of my daily work tasks and my personal appointments in it, but then I started this blog and it started to get way too crowded, which ruined my safe space of organization, so now I have two planners.

This is the planner that I use for personal appointments, scheduling out ideas for different blog posts, and making sure I don’t forget when the Hamilton documentary premieres on PBS.

Obviously you can be fashionable without ever owning designer clothing or accessories, but if there are brands that you like and you can’t afford to buy their full price stuff, then I think accessories are the way to go. If you can, splurging a little on accessories is a great way to elevate your look and satisfy the impulse to buy from the brands that you like but can’t normally afford. Stalk the discount section, subscribe to their email lists, and honestly, tweet me if you hear about a clearance sale.






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