London Fashion Week, September 2016

London Fashion Week! The world has already moved on to Milan, but we still need to talk about London.

Christopher Kane

CHRISTOPHER KANE PUT CROCS ON THE RUNWAY. Crocs. Crocs. I loved this collection, but CROCS. It was all about nostalgia with stuff like that jacket that’s made up of polaroids and other mementos from past shows, and I especially love this dress that looks like a 3D printed Microsoft Paint canvas or a Spin Art creation come to life. But the Crocs. Please don’t let them catch on.


Burberry gave me this military jacket, men’s leisurewear (I want to live in that pink jacket) and sweatshirts with Elizabethan sleeves and ruffled collars. The collection was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s novel, Orlando: A Biography, which is about a male poet who changes to a female poet who lives for hundreds of years. I haven’t read it, but I’m definitely getting it the next time I go to the library. I’m into fashion that thinks about gender, I’m into fashion that thinks about the past and present at the same time, and I’m into Cara Delevingne’s look as she sat front row at the show.


Give me this jacket immediately. I’ve been looking for a jacket like that (wool, houndstooth, grey and black, long) for ages, and then it appeared on the Topshop runway in London like they knew I needed one. I also really dig these vinyl pants, which seem to be a big thing for next spring. I’m not sure I’m bold enough to wear something that shiny, but it’s looked good on every runway so far, so I’m thinking about trying it out. And of course, if you know me, you know I’ve been on the hunt for a proper denim jacket. I’ll probably go with something in a darker wash than this one, but I do really like the light wash for spring. Currently I’m not-exactly-rocking a men’s XXL denim jacket that I got at a thrift store. I hate how women’s jackets are always cropped really short; I wanted something longer that didn’t feel like its only purpose was to be an accessory, so I bought the men’s. Except it was a thrift store, so they only had the one and it was an XXL. I’ll say this: men’s XXL is not my size. I tried it, I wore it out with my friends, but at the end of the day, I think I just need a men’s L. Maybe an XL.

Versus Versace

Versus Versace is Versace’s more affordable brand of clothing that’s a little bit younger and edgier than Atelier Versace. I love this yellow look. I’m not totally down to wear a belt as a top, but it looked excellent on all of the models. And the denim might look run-of-the-mill, but it’s actually one of a few Versus Versace looks that featured chain mail in this collection. The chain mail is underneath and visible through the rips and holes in the distressed denim. Vogue called it “a little flash of brilliance.”

Anya Hindmarch

I’ve still yet to find out if this collection is actually made of neoprene (the stuff they use to make wetsuits), but it’s definitely supposed to look like neoprene anyway. I love it. I think they look so soft, but they also have this really satisfying sleekness to them. I showed them to my dad, who said that “neoprene would be totally uncomfortable and awful” and also that these pieces are “ugly,” but whatever I love them anyway.


So Toga’s stuff was very fluid for this show. A lot of the pieces had these puddle shapes patched onto them, and is it just me or is that skirt sort of shaped like water as well? Then we have this blue dress, which seems like a lot of material to me, but also has a really appealing liquid flow to it. The navy dress is a little bit more my style, and I like how there’s some stormy water tucked up into the skirt.


Erdem’s collection was inspired by a bunch of rags that some divers found at the bottom of the North Sea, which turned out to be the lost wardrobe of Jean Ker, who was a countess and a lady-in-waiting to King Charles I’s wife. She was sent to the Netherlands on this covert mission to pawn some of the crown jewels so that the king could have some money to pay his soldiers for the coming war, and a ship that carried a bunch of her belongings (including this collection of clothes) sank. I love history, and I love when art uses a compelling historical story or legend for inspiration, so I’m obviously into this. I really like the high collars and ruffled skirts. The lace dresses, especially this yellow dress, seem like they would instantly transport you back in time as soon as you put them on. The floral prints have crowns and Roman numeral 12’s hidden in them as references to the ship that sank with Jean’s clothes. That’s some sweet spy stuff right there.

Bonus: House of Holland t-shirts

Henry Holland used to design these “fashion groupie” t-shirts back in the day that said cheeky things about all of the famous supermodels. That was ten years or so ago, and now he’s got some new ones:

I love them. I want ten. Unfortunately, they’re $95 each. I’ll get back to you when I figure out how to steal these from the rich.

Tweet me your favorites from London Fashion Week! Or if you know how I can get ten of these House of Holland t-shirts.

On to Milan!





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